Team Building Summit

For those who may not have the time to dedicate three days for a leadership-building retreat like our flagship program, the Executive Outdoor Leadership Retreat, our Team Building Summit is designed for the organization that is looking for a little less focus on the horsemanship aspect and more on effective team collaboration. Team Building Summit, a program written by Leading By The Reins Program Director Mike Branch, offers a one-day overnight team building course that is sure to reshape your group’s thinking and performance.

Mike utilizes the principles he has learned over the years by training and developing partnerships with his equine friends; with the premise that in order to correctly train a horse, there must first be a relationship built and trust established. Then a “team” attitude must be adhered to by both himself and the horse.

In order for any team to function properly, everyone involved in the team must not merely be a team member … they must also be a team player. As a team player, it becomes apparent that each player is also a leader that cares about not only themselves, but every part/member of the team in order to keep the whole team acting and performing as a team.

The Team Building Summit program begins at noon and goes into the night with accommodations at Long Branch Lakes in the picturesque Central Tennessee. Participants are dismissed at noon the next day.

Activities may include but are not limited to:
  • Team building games with horses (no riding)
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Song writing as a team
  • Classroom theory
  • Horsemanship demonstrations
  • Canoeing
  • Team building games without horses

During the course of this retreat, participants will learn:
  • The importance of effective communication
  • The price of becoming a leader to yourself
  • The necessity of leadership within a team
  • The role of a leader within a team
  • The value of trust

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We recognize that individuals and organizations, like their equine counterparts, are unique in their personality and needs. Customized training is available upon request.
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