Extreme Exec

The Leading By The Reins Extreme Exec course is designed for those bold and brave enough to take on even more exciting challenges in the great outdoors of Central Tennessee after graduating from our Executive Outdoor Leadership Retreat and Team Building Summit courses.

Extreme Exec is a four-day program requiring strength of mind and body. Students will stay in the Leading By The Reins lodge/bunk-house at Long Branch Lakes and begin each day by canoeing across the lake to the Extreme Exec range and going through the Extreme Confidence Course. This is a confidence course designed by Allen Branch of Sebring, Fla., for the Highlands County Sheriff Departments SWAT Team.

After some refreshing P.T. and obstacle course activities, students will return to the lodge for a hearty country breakfast, prepared by our own chef and hostess, Tera Wooden.

The program will be spearheaded by the students taking on the challenge of “breaking-in” a young horse that has never before been ridden. The participants will work inside one configuration of four round-pens that will have one round-pen in the center. Renowned horseman Mike Branch, in the center round pen, will teach the principles and techniques of his style of “gentling” horses, while the student works with his/her own assigned horse.

Other exciting challenges lay ahead throughout the four-day program. Students will go to the gun range and be taught a shooting skill by an instructor from Front Range Training and Consulting, the most elite training system in America. Points will be added each day for a finale at week’s end.

For those who recognize the value in leadership and team spirit, we will also have legendary Former Tennessee Coach Phillip Fulmer come out one evening to provide consultant for those looking to brush up on their leadership skills.

Other activities will include things like canoe/kayak racing, zip-lining and quail hunting. Some classes may even get to learn to back a tractor trailer rig! Points will also be accrued during the week on these activities for the week’s end finale.

Like all of our programs, this is an “all-inclusive” camp: food, lodging, excitement, camaraderie, leadership and confidence. During the course of Extreme Exec, participants are renewed or discover strength of character, leadership and service.

Check back with us soon. This program is still under construction.

During the course of this retreat, participants will learn:
  • How to build character and integrity, especially during challenges
  • Importance of being both mentally and physically fit
  • Firearm safety and core fundamentals
  • To develop courage and confidence
  • Understanding the psyche of the horse in preparation for the horse’s first ride
  • To recognize the value of leadership and team spirit
  • To test and understand their core abilities and values
  • How to interpret body signals to understand what people are thinking and feeling in ‘quick think’ situations by learning to read a horse’s body language during your training

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We recognize that individuals and organizations, like their equine counterparts, are unique in their personality and needs. Customized training is available upon request.
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