Executive Outdoor Leadership Retreat

The first of three Leading By The Reins courses offered exclusively by Peak Technical Institute is the Executive Outdoor Leadership Retreat, offering leadership training like no other in the world.

The Executive Outdoor Leadership Retreat is a three-day program that combines classroom and outdoor training to offer a comprehensive experience that sharpens and develops respected leadership skills.

The adventure begins with a welcome session where lead instructor Mike Branch will introduce the connection between good horsemanship and leadership skills. The first full day starts in the classroom where Branch will, among other subjects, discuss the importance of communication for both horses and people. As the day progresses, participants will put the concepts into practice in the round pen arena, and each participant will be assigned a horse that he or she will work with for the remainder of the course.

Throughout the program, Branch uses the principles of successful horsemanship to assist participants in applying the concepts to leadership in their organizations. Through winning the trust and assurance of an animal whose nature is to be fearful, his participants can use the same principles to be successful leaders. Understanding Branch’s passion for horses and the results he has witnessed in the lives of countless wild horses will transfer to a passion in your life that will allow you to Become Someone Worth Following, not only in the corporate world but as an everyday part of who you are. The second day begins in the classroom where Mike discusses characteristics of leadership in relation to and preparation for the exercises and demonstrations with the horses.

Both the first and second full day ends with a hearty chuck wagon dinner and a campfire discussion to share experiences and views about the day’s events with each other. As a welcome to our flagship program, Executive Outdoor Leadership Retreat, we serve a fine meal on your first night using nice chinaware to enjoy the dining experience as a time to get to know one another.

The closing day starts with a classroom discussion about leadership. The participants will then be reunited with their horses a final time to solidify their leadership skills and to say goodbye to their new equine and human friends.

Large groups and individuals are always welcome to enroll!

During the course of this retreat, participants will learn:
  • How character and the art of effective communication reflects leadership qualities
  • The importance of personal space
  • How to convey respect
  • The significance of body language
  • To control horse movement, and in turn employees and those around you, by being a good leader
  • The paradigm shift of lighter communication reducing stress at every level thereby creating a better work environment
  • Saddling and mounting without causing stress to the horse
  • The use and maintenance of tack (equipment)
  • The importance of grooming the horse for developing a good relationship

The Executive Outdoor Leadership Retreat is the brainchild of renowned horse trainer and Program Director, Mike Branch, who leads all Leading By The Reins classes utilizing his extensive experience and knowledge of working with horses, teaching with the premise that the characteristics necessary to become a leader to a horse are the exact characteristics required to become a leader to people.

Mike defines leadership as an act of guidance, establishing a clear vision for a group and providing the motivation and support for successful professional and personal relationships. This program offers a solid plan to achieve those goals as well as a not-to-be-forgotten experience that will continue to engage participants for years to come.

Become Someone Worth Following.
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We recognize that individuals and organizations, like their equine counterparts, are unique in their personality and needs. Customized training is available upon request.
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