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by Michael B on Leading By The Reins

Mike and Lisa Branch have put together an amazing program in the Leading by the Reins. This program breaks the information down into a simple and easily relatable format and compares that to dealing with and leading horses. When you are put into a situation to remove all of the extra junk that we tend to place onto a given situation, and deal with that situation in its bare and plane is much more understandable. This program did just that. It forces you to remove all of your preconceived notions about leadership, and actually take a look at it from its basic format...relationships, trust, and communication.

by David G on Leading By The Reins
Breaking Paradigms

Mike Branch through Leading by the Reins makes a distinct break from the usual leadership/management courses with the introduction of the horse concept. This is a fresh adaptation, utilizing proven methods and new twists that galvanizes one's attention. Branch's passion for the horse is addictive as he draws you in to the programs philosophy and vision. Historical references, experiences, and techniques are sprinkled through out the course. Branch is very sensitive to the individual needs of the participants and makes the appropriate modifications with a focus to accommodate one's capabilities. The introduction of the horse adds a whole new gambit of emotions which heightens the whole experience. This you have to experience to relish.

by Billy F on Leading By The Reins
Remarkable Program

Leading by the Reins program really made a great impact in my life. I really was unsure what to expect for the executive leadership training to be with horses. Mike Branch really taught me how to communicate more effectively in the workplace and how to overcome failure. Mike taught me more about trust than I ever imaged in a workplace and how if the horse trust the leaders judgement, then you have strong teamwork to complete a task or reach a goal. I also learned from the program how partnership and leadership always run together. Watching Mike demonstrate his communication skills, and the horse trusting Mike where he didn't have to say a word nor touch the horse to get the horse to complete what Mike intended for the horse to do was amazing but he puts in perspective how it can work in any work place where employees and executives have to communicate on a daily basis to complete a task. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of this program and I would like to take a refresher course in a year or two to polish up my skills that I have taken from Leading by the Reins.

by Stephanie M. on Leading By The Reins
Remarkable, ingenious program!

What a remarkable, ingenious program!
Leading by the Reins is a great program to hone your leadership skills and confidence all through the use of horses. Who would have known horses would be such a great tool?
With the hospitality and guidance from Mike and his wonderful team, you learn how to become someone worth following. This program will surely change the world.
I will forever treasure the wonderful experience!

by Robert P. on Leading By The Reins
Awesome experience

I can't speak highly enough of this program. Mike and his team have done an amazing job of presenting an extremely unique leadership program that definitely has me eager to put my new skills and knowledge to the test.

The venue is spectacular & the staff is outstanding.

This is the perfect program for anyone looking for an advantage when it comes to leadership.


  • Innovative and Unique

    I want to personally thank you for your generosity by allowing Maryville Police Department personnel to attend the “Leading By The Reins” seminar earlier this month. This was an amazing opportunity and we greatly appreciate the chance to have experienced...

  • Exceeded my expectations

    The Leading by the Reins program exceeded my expectations.  Mike Branch is a true professional, not only in the horse arena but in the way he transfers his knowledge to building better and stronger teams and improving communication throughout an...

  • An excellent experience

    Leading by the Reins was an excellent experience.  The accommodations, food and service were outstanding.  The discussions were thoughtful and motivational. The program provides a unique opportunity for individuals not only to access the “horse-world” but also gain from it a practical...

  • Shaping a better leader

    Before the Leading by the Reins retreat, I had a fear of horses.  However, learning how to communicate with the horses was easy, and I felt very accomplished afterwards.  The approach and lessons I learned during the retreat really applies...

  • Mike the teacher

    I found Mike to be a patient and extremely competent teacher. He taught me how to be a more assertive but kind leader to my horses and due to my new skills I can tell my horse partners have a...

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