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Throughout this weekend of learning with Leading by the Reins, Kim and her staff use the principles of successful horsemanship, both on ground and mounted, that accompany classroom discussions. Assisting participants in developing clear communication skills partnered with leadership techniques, promotes direction with purpose and certainty in organizations. This the goal of Leading by the Reins…assisting others to be the leaders they want to become.

During the course of Leading by the Reins, participants will learn:

  • How to Enhance Leadership Qualities and Team Building.
  • The Importance of Personal and Professional Space
  • Respectful Boundaries of Leadership
  • Understanding Communication from the Ground Up
  • The Horse and Human Relationship and Its Purpose
  • Pressure and Release…Understanding How to Change Leads

Throughout her years of working with individuals and horses, Kim has learned the importance of an experiential classroom. Having the hands-on experience, allows for incorporating the meaning of what is cognitively learned so that it becomes an actual representation of life. With muscle memory in our bodies, the brain is able to actually capture not only the intellectual reasoning of learned material, but also the movement that brings leadership and team building together. Using the horses as teachers and the arena as a classroom, it becomes a course without words.

In the classroom Kim discusses characteristics of leaders and their roles and responsibilities to themselves and to their team. Likewise, the importance of the characteristics of a team and their roles and responsibilities to the leaders. The learning then shifts to working with the horses, both individually and in herds, where learned skills can be seen in larger than life form, both on the ground and mounted. Establishing the trust of a horse, allows one to better understand their level of confidence in themselves, their skills of communication and ultimately their abilities and capabilities as a leader and team member.

The adventure begins with a welcome session where Kimberly Henry, Mane Support and LexLin staff will introduce the importance of the connection between good horsemanship, on ground communication and leadership skills.

The first full day starts in the classroom where discussion and teaching evolve around the importance of communication for both horses and people. As the day progresses, participants will put learned concepts into practice with on ground horsemanship skills and mounted activities, with each participant being assigned a horse that he or she will work with for the remainder of the course.

The closing day starts with a classroom discussion about learned skills in leadership and team building. The participants will then be reunited with their horses a final time to solidify their leadership skills and to say goodbye to their new equine and human friends.

Both the first and second full day ends with a hearty chuck wagon dinner and a campfire discussion to share experiences and views about the day’s events with each other.

Become Someone Worth Following… not only in your professional world but as an everyday part of who you are.

Leading by the Reins offers a solid plan to achieve goals, as well as a not-to-be-forgotten experience that will continue to engage and encourage your Team for years to come.

Become Someone Worth Following.

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