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Courses begin late March and run through early November. We will schedule up to two courses per month tailored to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your customized Leading By The Reins training retreat.

Leadership training like you’ve never experienced before!

At Leading By The Reins, our goal is to help participants better understand the application of solid leadership principles through an animal that is fearful by nature, but understands authority and leadership.Through interactions with horses, students recognize traits common to leadership such as justice, judgement, dependability, initiative, tact, integrity, enthusiasm, etc.These characteristics motivate both horses and people.

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At Leading By The Reins, we believe quality leadership is the foundation of any successful organization. Good leaders have vision, energy and character and by nature they inspire and motivate those around them.Our Program is designed to help participants discover the leader from within, and to build the confidence and commitment to apply these skills to their own professional and personal lives. What you bring back from your Leading By The Reins retreat will spread throughout your organization for better communication and productivity. We offer retreats on leadership, character and team building and can customize retreats to meet your specific needs.

The Experience

Leading By The Reins is designed to remove participants from the sterile classroom, behind the desktop or the crowded convention and into an ideal venue for learning: the great outdoors.Hands-on exercises with horses, team building applications and character development will not only improve personal performance but more importantly the course shows how to maximize the potential in others.Leading By The Reins is centrally located in the picturesque rolling hills of Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau.Relax and unwind while you make a positive change in yourself, your organization, the community and beyond.

Our Expertise

Kimberly Henry, CEO and Founder of Mane Support, Inc.

Author and International Speaker

Kimberly Henry founded Mane Support, Inc. in 2005 and it became a nonprofit in November of 2006. Being an entrepreneur, she created Mane Support to provide equine assisted grief counseling and leadership training. It is now the only freestanding grief center in the state of Tennessee. She has spent 16 years in hospice work, encompassing 30 plus years in providing community education relating to grief and loss. Her passion continues to be addressing and researching trauma related issues, partnering it with the positive effects of equine assisted counseling, learning, creative arts and leadership training.
Kimberly is certified through EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) at the Advanced Level and a member of ADEC (Association of Death, Education and Counseling) where she is certified as a Thanatologist/Counselor since 2005. She is also a graduate of the Leadership Blount, Class of 2014.
Kimberly holds a Bachelor’s in Dance from Florida State University, a Masters in Therapeutic Recreation and a Masters in Inclusive Early Childhood Special Education from the University of Tennessee. In addition, she is an adjunct professor at Maryville College and Johnson University, a presenter for classes from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, an international speaker, educator and trainer on the topics of death, dying and trauma, its effect on children, youth and adults and the use of equine assisted grief counseling, nonprofit development and leadership development and training.
She is also the author of Transitioning from Loss to Learning Curriculum for school and community based children and youth experiencing trauma related loss issues, Hoof to Heart… a guide to understanding grief, loss and the healing power of the horse and a children’s book entitled, Henry the Horse and His Very Special Gift…a story of listening from the heart and the ears of a very special horse.
“Horses have a way of teaching us the importance of life in the moment. Whether in the saddle, on ground, in the classroom or in day to day living, we learn how to be still, be better people, better listeners and better leaders.”
Everything she has done and hopes to continue to do, is all because of an incredible God that we all serve! Without Him, Kim says, she would be under the barn.

Who Should Attend?

In the Leading By The Reins program, Program Director and Lead Instructor Mike Branch teaches and demonstrates characteristics of leadership that can be applied not only to horsemanship and team building exercises during the Leading By The Reins courses but to peers, employees and all aspects of life as well. This distinctive approach to leadership skill building is not only extremely effective in but also a memorable experience that will benefit each participant for a lifetime. While Leading By The Reins includes team building courses, our beneficial outreach does not just include teams and large companies; individual participants do not have to be a part of a large organization in order to attend and benefit from our program.Beneficial for heads of organizations, business executives or individuals looking to boost leadership skills for a better life, Leading By The Reins offers three world-class leadership development programs set in the picturesque rolling hills of Central Tennessee. Additional one-day seminars to come in 2016!
Directors, Executives & Human Resource Managers
Quality leadership is the foundation of any successful organization. Good leaders have vision, energy and character while they inspire and motivate those around them, bringing out the best in their teams. “Whether a person is crafted into a leader by circumstances or by their own determination, leadership needs to be nurtured and purposefully studied and practiced to be truly ingrained in a person for a lifetime. Leading By The Reins provides superior training through this unique and memorable program.”
New Company Employees
Show co-workers and executives that you’re an asset to the team while building confidence within yourself at your new job or new career. Invest in invaluable leadership and character building training exclusively at Leading By The Reins. This program will hone skills more powerful than any well written resume. Display skills in leadership, initiative, confidence and communication. The course focuses on characteristics of leadership and helps participants enhance relationships, develop deeper self-awareness and improve communication skills.
For those individuals looking to start a new business, nonprofit or new career or are simply seeking their own personal betterment, Leading By The Reins is designed to help participants discover the leader within themselves, and to build the confidence and commitment needed to apply these skills to their own professional and personal lives. What you bring back from the retreat will spread throughout the organization and your life for better communication and productivity. Individual participants do not have to be a part of a large organization in order to attend and benefit from our program.
Seasoned Business Professionals
Every participant, whether working with their horses in the field or with their teams in the workplace, must visualize the desired results, focus on the task ahead, overcome challenges and collaborate with the team to achieve a common goal. Everyone must not only be a member but a team player. A team player is also a leader that cares not only about themselves, but every part/member of the team as well in order to keep the team acting and performing as a collaborative whole.

Our Programs

Executive Outdoor Leadership Retreat
A unique three-day leadership retreat, this course applies both the rigor and compassion of good horsemanship to assist participants in applying those same concepts to leadership within their organizations. Large groups or individuals are always welcome to enroll.
Team Building Summit
Designed for the organization looking for condensed training in leadership and team building, this one-day overnight team building course is sure to reshape your group’s thinking and performance. This summit course includes team building exercises, horsemanship demonstrations and classroom theory.
Extreme Exec
For those bold and brave enough to take on more exciting challenges, this adrenaline-driven four-day program will help boost confidence while building strength of mind and body. Extreme Exec is in the development stage and is scheduled to roll out in 2016.
Customized Training
We recognize that individuals and organizations, like their equine counterparts, are unique in their personality and needs. Customized training is available upon request. Additional one-day seminars in leadership, character and team building to roll out in 2016. Stay tuned.
Let us help you Become Someone Worth Following.

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    Before the Leading by the Reins retreat, I had a fear of horses.  However, learning how to communicate with the horses was easy, and I felt very accomplished afterwards.  The approach and lessons I learned during the retreat really applies...

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    I found Mike to be a patient and extremely competent teacher. He taught me how to be a more assertive but kind leader to my horses and due to my new skills I can tell my horse partners have a...

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